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random musings by Alder Burns

Earth Energy

Perhaps R.J. Stewart’s “earth light”, and the modern Druid concept of the “light-body”, absorbing an energy rising up from the earth through the feet, are images of the great heat within the earth.  And light, too, if anyone could get there to see it.  Lava glows!   I’ve even read that some, at least, of this energy originates from radioactive decay.
This is in fact the other great energy source impacting or influencing life on earth, independent of the Sun since the earth’s formation, and a lot closer to us.  The fact that it is separated from most of the surface by some miles depth of cool rock hides the fact from most of us quite effectively.  The distant Sun by contrast streams energy down upon us through empty space and thin air.  But the reality of it is that the thickness of the earth’s solid crust relative to the molten interior has been compared to the thickness of the peel of an apple relative to the apple itself.
So volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, Continue reading “Earth Energy”

Two Visions of the Future – Part 2

Part 2:  Contentment may keep you happy, but it will not save the world…..

Stephen Harrod Buhner is well-known in certain circles as a plant spirit shaman and herbalist.   He claims in his book “Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm “  that the Earth is in fact preparing to “go to seed’, and that the rise of our species and culture is an example of this process.  “Going to seed” in this sense means panspermia (the theory that life can begin at one or a comparatively few places in the universe and then spread, or be spread, from world to world through space)  beginning here on Earth, very soon, with us.  Either humans taking life, our life and other forms of earthly life (if only because long-term human life without symbiosis with other life is impossible) beyond earth and out to other worlds. Not as tourists or explorers soon to return, but to stay.  Thus, Buhner claims, the earth is willing to put itself under stress, to liquidate its own stored resources for the great project, perhaps even to risk its own future.  At the very least, like a tree under a heavy load of fruit, it may become a bit disheveled and stressed for a while. Continue reading “Two Visions of the Future – Part 2”

Two Visions of the Future – Part 1

Part 1: Too Many to Rewild

In 2010 I looked out over the central settlement of a small intentional community in rural Oregon.  My eye took in at a glance the terraced and fenced gardens, solar panels, piles of lumber and firewood, several small buildings of varied construction (cob and slab-wood mostly), and several young people at work.  There was hardly any plastic, and almost nothing “new” to be seen; what little machinery and vehicles in evidence were all old and refurbished.
My partner and I looked out on this and I said to her, “This is what the future of the world will look like, if we have any future at all.”   Continue reading “Two Visions of the Future – Part 1”

Kali Puja

Early in 1987, several of the Mennonite volunteers took a short vacation to Rangamati, Bangladesh; which at that time seemed like the ends of the earth.  It was difficult to reach, taking several stages by bus, and finally a crowded boat on Kaptai Lake,  a large lake formed by Bangladesh’s only large hydroelectric dam, far back in the hills above Chittagong.  The area was often insecure due to the activities of rebels, and was usually closed to foreigners- we took advantage of a brief hiatus in this policy.
One evening at our hotel on the lake shore we became aware of an unusual ruckus in the adjacent small town. Continue reading “Kali Puja”

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